Green councillors tackle plastic waste

25 June 2018

Cllrs Falle and Harris with their plastic waste collection

Frome's Green councillors are taking the initiative to improve plastics recycling where they live in Frome. Des Harris and Stine Falle, district councillors for Frome Market, and John Clarke, county councillor for Frome West, are collecting plastics from their neighbours which are not currently allowed in kerbside collections, and taking them to the nearest recycling centre at Manor Road themselves. 

Somerset County Council recently announced that plastic food pots, tubs and trays can now be taken to all recycling centres in the county. However, kerbside recycling will continue to accept only plastic bottles until 2020 when the current contract held by Somerset Waste Partnership expires. Somerset lags far behind many other areas of the UK which have been collecting a much wider range of plastics from residents for several years. 

Plastic waste has been of increasing public concern in recent month as news items and TV documentaries have highlighted the damage this waste can cause, especially to marine ecosystems, and potential impacts on human and animal health. 

Cllr Harris, who is collecting plastics from neighbours in High St and Wine St, said: "I expect, like us, you’ve been shocked into greater awareness by 'Blue Planet 2'. You probably also know about the 'Return the Plastic' initiatives involving a mass returning of plastic to Frome’s supermarkets on the first Saturday of each month at midday. So far we have been to Sainsbury, M&S and Asda. The next is due to be at Lidl on Saturday July 7th. Everyone is welcome to join in."

Cllr Clarke, who is collecting from Richmond Rd and Whitewell Rd, added: "This is about the community acting together in improving recycling and reducing our use of plastics which is having such a damaging impact on our environment, oceans and creatures we share planet with."

If you live in the areas where Green councillors are collecting plastics, you should have received a note through your door with full details, or will receive one soon. The councillors hope that other Frome residents may also like to get involved in reducing the amount of plastic sent to landfill from Frome by starting similar initiatives of their own.