Frome's river access saved

26 July 2018

Cllr Shane Collins measures the road with the help of residents

To the dismay of residents and Cllr Shane Collins, a highways officer recently approved planning before even measuring the road! It was found to be too narrow by residents, and made accessing the site unsuitable, dangerous and unsafe for emergency vehicles.

Martin Bax, former Mayor of Frome and founder of the Frome Festival, led the fight and found The Retreat was nearly a whole meter too narrow by law. After Mr. Bax had written to Somerset County Council to highlight this, the Council and Leader of the Council still supported going ahead.

“Somerset’s highways department [are] refusing to protect lives - the most vital part of your responsibilities - by ensuring there is sufficient room for the emergency services to get through to the potential proposed new development”, wrote Mr Bax to Somerset Council.

Green Mendip District Councillor Shane Collins instructed Mendip Council to review the planning, but soon afterwards the footpath was saved as the plans had changed.

Cllr Collins said "This is a tremendous victory for us and the 705 people who signed the petition to save access to the River Frome."