Green Party is now the biggest in Frome

26 July 2018

The Green Party is now the largest party representing the Frome area on the District and County Councils. Green County Councillor Martin Dimery commented: "The Party has come a long way in the last three years, thanks to genuine engagement with residents' local issues. We hope to increase our presence further to support residents in next year's District elections."

This has meant the Green Party in Frome have been able to have a real impact delivering on the promises made, but most importantly making a difference for residents. 

Recently Cllr Des Harris (Market ward) raised concerns about the lack of affordable housing in Mendip District, and has had success in changing the rules on new builds without affordable homes for residents to have their reasons published publicly. Meanwhile, Cllr Martin Dimery has had success in reversing planned cuts to children’s support services.